Tired of endless check-in lines, intrusive security checks, crowded lounges, delayed flights, jam-packed overhead lockers, surly cabin crews, taseless meals and sleepless flights?

All for the privilege of flying when it doesn’t suit you to a destination miles from where you want to go?

How bad does it have to get before you shout «Enough!»? Isn’t time to say hello to the civilized, cost-effective, efficient, secure, and above all, time-saving world of charter flying?

Bizjet Aviation Services jet charter gives you the ultimate flexibility of flying when you want to, not when they want to. Executive jets can reach literally thousands more airports.

You’ll get closer to where you want to be, and get more work done too in the peace and quiet of your office in the sky.

But isn’t chartering much more expensive? Let’s take a hypothetical business trip. You’re based in Geneva. You and four colleagues need to attend a 09.00 meeting in Bristol, an afternoon presentation in Nîmes, and you want to be back in time for your son’s birthday dinner.

With a Bizjet Aviation Services jet charter you can do it all in one confortable and productive day. And on scheduled airlines? Impossible. No international flights go to Bristol or Nîmes, so you’d have to stay in hotels. And you’ll disappoint your son. Costs, including hotels, C-class fares and ground transportation are roughly comparable. But the time saved, the comfort,the absence of formalities, the pleace of mind… How much are they worth? Only you can answer that.

City to city or continent to continent, we will find the right aircraft.