Phenom 300 History
Designed as the « upgrade » to Embraer’s hugely successful Phenom 100, the Phenom 300 was launched in 2009 and entered the PrivateFly private jet charter network in 2010.

Phenom 300 Flight Range & Runways
The Phenom 300’s flight range of 1800nm offers non-stop flights from Geneva to Tel Aviv, New York to Cancun or Cairo to Moscow.
The long flight range combined with small jet landing runway requirements means that the Phenom 300 is one of the most flexible aircraft for charter in its class.
Phenom 300 flight range

Phenom 300 Reputation
The Phenom 300 combines Embraer’s solid aircraft reputation and commitment to developing aircraft specifically for private use (rather than adapting from commercial design). This means that the Phenom 300 is a reliable and comfortable private jet.
The Phenom 300 should not be confused with its older and smaller brother the Phenom 100, as Adam Twidell (PrivateFly CEO) comments:
 »There’s just no comparison between the Phenom 300 and 100, in my opinion Embraer should have created a new aircraft name for the Phenom 300! »

Phenom 300 Interior
The BMW designed interior offer passengers a spacious seating arrangement, with a separate baggage area and refreshment area including facilities for hot food.
Seats can be reclined to a flat bed position, and the aircraft also includes a separate lavatory cubicle.
The Phenom 300’s « Oval LiteTM » cabin design offers increased cabin height and width for an aircraft of this size.