Our history

Nearly four decades of experience

Aviation: it has been in our family for generations, since the earliest days of flight. Today it is still our business and our passion

He was an early champion of ground-to-air radio communication, and was also a close friend of Italo Balbo, the aviation pioneer who led a dramatic mass flight to Brazil in 1929. Succeeding generations have continued the family’s keen involvement in aviation, and in the post-war years Europavia was created by Lamberto Baviera to promote cooperation between European aircraft manufacturers.

Business aviation was also and early interest, with the family entering the field as long ago 1964. In 1985, Rodolfo Baviera created Bizjet SA. Today the company has grown into a significant presence in the European market, and has accumulated know-how and experience along the way.

Bizjet SA was founded 39 years ago, and a close early relationship with Dassault contributed to the company’s core business of buying and selling pre-owned Falcon jets. Today, its offerings also include a global aircraft acquisition and sales network.

Today Rodolfo Baviera is continuing the passion for aviation as his predecessors. “Although we have grown, we have never forgotten our roots. We are still passionate about what we do, and we’re glad that it shows.”