•  Inspections
•  Crew training
•  Crew hiring
•  Provisioning
•  Flight planning
•  Maintenance
•  Scheduling
•  Insurance
•  Revenue earning

You bought your aircraft to save time. So why waste what you save by having to look after it? Leave it to us, and you’ll not only gain time when you use it, it’ll earn money when you don’t. That’s good management.

It’s all about time. You use a corporate jet because the convenience of travelling when you want to, flying in and out of airports close to where you want to be, and being able to work or relax en route – they all add up to enormous savings in time, your most valuable asset. Not forgetting the security and comfort advantages that you can’t put a calculator to. You’ve done the math. You know it makes sense.

Or does it?
Because the complications of looking after a modern jet – in effect running an in-house flight operation – can end up wasting more time than you save. Why squander it on worries such as inspections, maintenance, crewing, provisioning, fuelling, flight planning and the myriad other details involve in managing your own aircraft? And as if those weren’t enough, think about the days when you’re not flying – days when your valuable investment is idle in the hangar, a sleek but unmoving status symbol.

We can make sure your aircraft helps earns its keep. Our Eurofly Service charter and aircraft management operation already manages and operates a fleet of 16 aircraft, many of them for private and corporate owners. Not only do they handle every operational aspect on behalf of their customers, they maintain a charter fleet which includes many of the aircraft that they manage. These owner’s aircraft are always available, and their travel needs take priority. But when their aircraft are not being used for a day or more, as part of the Eurofly Service charter fleet they can be earning useful revenue rather than sitting on the tarmac.